DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye

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DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye Description:

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DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye Caption

[Music] hey guys it's Lauren and welcome back to DIY welcome back to episode three and if you are new here you haven't seen the first two episode this is the show where I put my DIY skills up to the test against bigger harder and more complex project things that I've never done before and today we are tackling shibori tie-dye so I don't really foresee it being that much harder than like regular rainbow tie-dye because I went to summer camp I did turn I parties I've been around the block with Tyler but then I got the shibori kit and there are so many instructions and so many steps and rules and things you can and can't do and like times of waiting and expectations went from here to here on how good my shibori is gonna be so keep watching to see how it all goes if we're able to make some cute shibori stuff because chivalry stuff is literally everywhere and it's really expensive and we don't got time for that don't forget to let me know any comments down below if you think I nailed it or filled in and there are any DIY master projects you'd like you to try so I think that's it um let's go mix our stuff and just saw high maintenance this product is so high maintenance okay [Music] I think so today we were doing shibori dying and I feel like this is just cooler tie-dying it's like the hipster of tie-dye like tie-dye was like summer kid let's real title tie-dye was like when you're younger and shibori is like adult time stainless right how to pronounce shibori tie-dye okay we're doing that shibori shibori tomorrow so I've got pillowcases of a blanket and I've got a shirt and I got clothespin and this kid actually came with like so much good stuff I've got gloves I've got these little squares that makes like the cool boy that I feel like you think of when you think of shibori maybe so sad I'm saying this wrong in the whole video which is gonna be like me saying it wrong I'll be so sad also I've already prepped the die because it needed just sit for an hour it was like really high means like super high maintenance so yes it's of time this is already ready and it was it was just like following instructions and like can you really mess that up I mean like I probably click but I don't think it did it's been chilling for the last hour to have like seriously high maintenance [Music] okay let's get ah dying in also guys like I'm not kidding when I say this hi maintance this has to oxidise up today for two days kidding me so I have to pay mat for two days and fill me now so the tutorial say you do a little accordion thing honestly I feel like this stuff is so expensive so this works out I'm gonna be really stoked about it go and then you like conveniently gave us this little square and elastics also I have already dyed my sink blue getting this set up and also my nails and also my fingers so if you're gonna do this I highly recommend using gloves because I made the mistake of not wearing gloves and I was prepping the dye and now I'm regretting it oh my gosh guys I'm soaked said if this works like we're gonna we're gonna put Urban Outfitters out of business slowly episode by episode of DIY master we've got our macrame we've got our Chucky blanket we've got our shibori I'm so scared summer break please don't break please don't break [Music] we're going to just dump all of these in [Music] [Laughter] looks like a voodoo doll was like a boo-boo not there's something you need to tell me about our friends Oh crazy oh my god there's Mary super clear that this is like a 70% Yolo like I follow the instructions look at a few tutorials online what to do but this is a mostly Yolo situation I don't even know if I bought the right fabric to be honest so hopefully it's cute I really don't know honestly I'm waiting for the first episode for like a family I hope you got one like Loki I hope something doesn't turn out do it do it do it this is a really go yo low definitely think that's a little any of the of the crafting websites I like that this is what not to do exactly what you're doing that was gonna be the best one do you think is good be the best one I don't know this is some real-life yellowing like the clothespins one's like okay yeah I can see that one being cute and let you know regular tie-dye techniques like yeah that works out usually ninety-nine point out to the time put this oh this is a baby size shirt these are like an adult shirt yeah that I don't you also me really sad I ruin the shirts I'm gonna like this shirt okay here we go don't break please don't break please don't break like popping a balloon that was rude guys I got this giant blanket and you know why I'm not lie it's pretty cute izes and I'm like a little nervy I do is this oh I wish I get these we're gonna look like I don't know - do I really want to be cute like I really like deep in my heart want this to be cute I want this all but EQ of that what this one I'm really worried this is gonna look like absolute poo I'm really concerned guys I'm gonna just go with like the classic Thai Thai techniques I can embrace my inner summer camp kid whoa is the title acid doesn't agree enormous - snaps please please be nice to me left it also I'm realizing now that we're about to have like shibori everything if this works out so prepare for like upcoming house tour of just shibori and every room [Music] okay guys it's been sitting here for like an hour and a half now and apparently there's like some kind of flower if you do it right I want you to see if I did it right that just looks like poo that looks like straight through this there's no flour in there there's like bowls that smells like poo oh that does melt like boom well that smells bad they literally warned you about that okay they said to scoop out these little guys I really feel like guys I'm not doing very well like poo my dad you smell like poo to the end you are the poo you you let mother freaking do this telling the girls yeah let's now see all right okay your gift check it blows I'm not going to have to bori hands honestly don't use these tongs for cooking no no use it for DIY yeah do also it's supposed to be a weird color but whoa with green it's green whoa it's gonna turn blue and you go wow they look so oh wait this one oh she looks a little oh now the glass looks blue oh wait nothing looks a little more no it's green I feel a fail in the future you go and it farted yeah you're so immature bad no cuz it stinks and it farted here's our champion over there guys live Tanner wine is so much more fun than like planned DIY is this way more fun make mama blanket over here about to hog up all the dye it smells so bad it's like distracting like my brain can't function with this small happening tell you anything though like the most specific instructions the entire world to set it up and then it tells you nothing they're like oh you like their life I'm just gonna go in I'm doing it I'm gonna go in it said it gets darker than weren't oxidizes but like like it should be darker well it's completely green okay so sad okay yeah let's let's leave them let's let them hang out do that thing a little bit that maybe no roots that means said that I should leave it alone blame this on me I think we just taking out let's just say you know okay I think we should take on all of it cuz this was like sitting in the air and it says that it gets blue ribbon oxidizes we could always give it back in if it's not trained blue right mm-hmm yeah it's literally already turning more blue right yeah and then why magically turns blue in in air that's so weird oh this one not looking so good you can leave it out and then do that yeah yeah okay so this one is like super light blue let's see that one gets darker you'll get to go whoa that one's so blue now that's definitely getting darker oh my god oh my god most most chemicals chemicals get off that was super green if that goes blue then this is magic should this be a safe situation do you think the truth I was so impatient I just wanted to do it we're starting with the one I think is gonna be really derpy just take you know like stuff the expectations love that's gonna be the best one I know this is like it's the runs the runs of the family for sure I hope it proves you wrong I hope so too I really do oh no no prediction is that is gonna be completely just all blue it's not looking good guys it's not looking good everyone say a prayer bow your heads in silence for shibori number why oh my god oh my god oh my god this is the best part now my dreams I'm trying to get so cute what the head yeah oh my god runs runs but whoa what the heck that's a line green I think it'll turn blue once it's in the air or I just really messed up the shirt that I like for middle [Music] true but okay this is the one that has a square in it and we got never Gilbert is the best part okay so fun that one turned out even better I feel like so the back of this shirt looks like this I have a not high hopes for this to be honest I feel like I may have just ruined this shirt I don't you know how this one went so wrong oh no no no it's like two big white boobie square just like the placement of this is just unbelievable maybe the oxidized oh maybe maybe we'll just give it a little more time to dip it back do you think to begin I mean it's already messed up might as well just keep going we'll revisit that one oh that's like freakishly symmetrical [Music] the blanket left so I'm probably gonna be rinsing going out for next where's my life so on see that done yet I'm here for 45 years okay a it's completely turned blue definitely last family now it's still like so awkward that there's just like two giant white squares or the boobs are but wait cuter than I was before also this blanket is just I don't even know what the answer is to make it not wet because it's about 40 pounds sopping wet right now but I stayed because of success of the circle pillow I think it's good thank you guys I think this is like the piece delivers his thoughts like I think this is gonna be this super cute one okay okay here we go here we go oh my god Judith Judith Judith kid it's so good this is vacuum wow it's so heavy it's so well so excited to drive this was definitely not like a full Bale like it was definitely some like but like so I didn't do enough research on what kind of fabric you needed because this is not valid because it's like poop now looks like poo but here's the tricky part when you turn it inside out it looks sick so I think the move here is to just have the pillowcase on inside because it's not something that I've never done before and then we'll just uh hide that bottom part and all will be well because this wrong side out not a film right tired out debatably and probably right thanks my first rap once or three episodes backwards ever come on actually looks sick that's nothing okay but here's the moment of truth is that is this one stick on the inside too and the outside of it so stupid dang y'all we got some sick inside-out pillowcases guys this was the derpy one remember the guy that was like this and looked like a sausage and aloe elastics that we didn't think was gonna work [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this episode make sure to give it a big thumbs up if you did let me know any comments down below if you think I've nailed it or fountain I think it's arguable I think there could be you know debate on both sides so let me know what you guys think also let me know in the comments if there are any project you'd like to see me go up against also I film the first half of us out for yesterday and like you guys don't even know what's coming like it's gonna be it's possibly my favorite episode yet is next week I'm super excited thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys on Wednesday for another weekly party on Sunday but another Sunday ah okay love you Queen dr. royal at least my pretty little kingdom [Music] yeah you know what
DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye