Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)

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Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night) Description:

FNAF STUMPED Me! ► FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? ► Subscribe to never miss a theory! ► In the last Theory I told you how FNAF and Scott had be STUMPED. Except, I can't give up. I've invested so much into this franchise. There are clues littered EVERYWHERE in the games and the books. So many that even now, we know MORE! Today Loyal Theorists, we start to piece together the full story! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► Hang out with us on GTLive! ► More THEORIES: FNAF 6, No More Secrets ► Petscop - Ghost In A HAUNTED Game ► Duck Season's KILLER DOG... Unmasked! ► WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► Hello Neighbor - DEVIL is in the Details! ► How Bendy Will END! ►► Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► Culture Shock ►► The SCIENCE! ►►


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Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night) Caption

[Music] [Music] hello internet welcome to screw it you know by now if I seem a bit off my game today forgive me you'll soon learn why pull up a chair let's talk last episode caught you up on everything and I do mean everything all my past theories on staff 6 the gravestones the masks the names of the children inside the animatronics the connections to the novels and the identity of the puppet but then I showed you this the finasteride logbook the book that in seven years of doing this finally broke me a book that contains within its pages an elaborate series of codes that serve as the key to unlocking the identity of golden Freddy a freaking children's activity workbook with a dabbing chica in it is the thing to defeat me oh that dabbing chica taunts me in my nightmares but golden Freddy's unbreakable code is only the tip of the iceberg this book is like a repeated kick in the balls as everything I thought I knew about phenom has crumbled in front of my eyes like Freddy fazbear got a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers and then all of my theories suddenly turned to dust because unlike the novels which have questionable canonicity the survival logbook outright answers a lot of our questions about these games but the answers that it provides just lead to more questions and not stupid small questions either like what some angles gender no it appends huge parts of the story the log book is simultaneously the most important most revealing and most frustrating piece of evidence to ever be thrown into this franchise you see as I mentioned last time this workbook once belonged to Mike aka Michael Afton the book establishes that Mike writes his answers in red pen it also establishes that there's a spirit possessing the book who speaks to Mike be a lightly faded text from what I can gather it appears to be the spirit of golden Freddy and starting with that information the log book then proceeds to drop a bombshell after ashell as far as law reveals go first the book outright confirms what we've known for a while now that mike is the same Mike who works as the night guard during sister location when asked what it would like for his one week bonus we see him doodling in the corners of the page baskets of money and baskets of exotic butters on another page he's drawing a smooth set of casual bongos sure it's nothing earth-shattering but when it comes to this franchise getting any portion of any Theory confirmed is a big win and while that reveal might not be all that earth-shattering you know what is the book reveals that Michael Afton is who we play as in snap 4 on page 40 the workbook starts asking about dreams and via his doodles we see that Mike somehow knows the appearance of nightmare fredbear something only the protagonist of naff four should be aware of to further confirm this on page 23 of the book the spirit who uses the book to talk to Mike outright asks was your favorite childhood toy a plastic purple telephone which as you may remember is a direct reference to the purple telephone on the ground in the math four bedroom and if you still think it's a coincidence it's not 20 pages later the spirit starts talking about whether any of the toys on the page look familiar most don't except for one the phone now for the 8 of you who still remember how this whole freakin story fits together you might be asking me but we all thought the protagonist of naff four was the crying child the one who gets himself bitten during the birthday party because you have flashes of a hospital bed and hear a flatline at the end of the game we also assume that the animatronic nightmare was representative of death and you know what you're absolutely right that is exactly what we've been thinking and here's the thing we weren't wrong we've apparently been right about all of that except there was one teeny tiny itsy-bitsy little wrinkle that we didn't expect Michael Afton was the bite victim Michael Afton was the crying child I know I couldn't believe it either but the proof here is unquestionable on page 75 a page asking about imaginary friends and featuring the psychic friend fredbear plush the spirit outright asks does still talk to you and perhaps the most damning piece of evidence of all on page 103 the huge reveal quote the party was for you Mike Afton is confirmed to be the crying child he's the bite victim he's the one who at the end of the game apparently needed to be put back together it seems undeniable at this point but then that leads to the obvious next question how could he have been bitten and died there but then also being sister location as an adult gotten himself scooped blah blah blah blah blah until five six when he finally burns with the rest of his family I have been smacking my head against a wall trying to make sense of it all and I have some theories big surprise there it's interesting when I did my final finale not that one my final final finale er no not that one either those are technically from the F six there it's God geez this one this when I did this theory I concluded that the story of naff was at its core a story about a family the Afton family but now it's becoming increasingly clear to me that it's really the story of Michael Afton specifically for games one story like Scott said back during the finale it's the story of the crying child growing up discovering the atrocities of his father and then trying to make amends for those we know for a fact that Michael Afton is the main character for naff one from the endgame paycheck sister location from the nametag in custom night snap six from Henry's closing monologue and now for from the survival log book and we're still not done the survival log book also connects Mike Toofan afto on page 56 the spirit asks was your favorite bride the carousel a question that only makes sense if Mike had been to the finale occasion because it's the only one with a carousel that means that the only game without a solid connection to Mike is fan a three but then there's the whole father it's me complete with a burned-down fazbear's fright in the background which seems to be hinting at him being the person who burned the place down trying to put an end to his father's reign of terror Michael Afton even shares a connection with the dead children whose names appear on the gravestones going back to the survival log book see I told you guys this thing was important when the book asks about missing people on account of them being stuffed into animatronic suits the spirit asks do you miss them it clearly connects Michael Afton to the other missing kids who go on to possess the animatronic seeds this means that Michael is connected to every game and every major character in the story so let's update it to six games one story Michael's story which is all very beautiful to say but seriously what is that story if you've been paying attention we still have a pretty big elephant in the room ie a dead kid who somehow grows up to become an immortal purple skin suit for robot spaghetti oh and if the game wasn't complicated enough Michael might not even be his real name the spirit in the log book repeatedly asks him what do you remember and even more importantly do you remember your name it's even hidden in the frickin word search and I haven't even mentioned the other elephants in the room like how very clearly the gravestones relate to the kids into animatronic suits and yeah two of those names directly tie back to the security guards from finaiiy and if you want to go really really deep like you know I love to do is see Suzy's font on her gravestone did you know it's the same thought that's used to introduce each Knight of Nassau that's something that no one else online is noticed and if fonts are important which remember they probably are Scott doesn't do coincidences so for gravestones with completely different fonts is probably important in some way notice how two of the gravestones share the same font but it's not Jeremy and Fritz which you would probably expect since they're the two who are mentioned in staff two there are so many freaking elephants in this room it is a very crowded room remember what I said earlier about repeated kicks to the crotch this this is what I'm talking about that said after months of thinking about this and more kicks to the crotch than I care to mention I think I do have an idea of what might be going on here and all begins and probably the most confusing place of all midnight motorists from fanatics when I first spoke about this minigame I said that the mustard man here was William Afton I could tell that a lot of you weren't too convinced in my conclusion and I'll be honest I wasn't a hundred percent sure of it either but it was the best I could do at the time but now I am I am a hundred percent confident that that is who we're seeing here you see nav six is simultaneously the end of the story as well as the beginning it's the end because well everyone burns to death and it's the beginning because it's the origin story of the puppet and as we know everything begins with the puppet she's the one that allows all the other animatronics to become possessed as we see infin afto which makes the security puppet minigame pretty much the earliest event we ever see in any of these games and we also know that it's William who killed Charlotte in that back alley this is the origin story of the purple guy complete with his purple car that we saw infant f2 after all but here's the detail I was missing before if you brighten up the final screen of the security puppet minigame you'll see tire tracks left by the purple car driving away from his crime this leads directly to the events of midnight motorists which happens immediately after his murder here's how we know this for sure not only are you driving a purple car and not only is it raining in both of the minigames so they're connected on both those fronts but get this let it user GB aura found that this section of the game and the source files is titled later that night giving us the time connection we needed to know a hundred percent that orange guy is William Afton he kills Charlotte in the rain outside of fredbear's drives away and winds up back home later that night boom proven locked and loaded and looking at this minigame knowing what we know now about Michael being the crying child we know that the couch potato here is his older brother mr. foxy mask let me shove my brother into an animatronic mouth and get him killed speaking in his signature great ex who apparently no longer has a name which leaves Michael as the one who escaped to that place again Zack is who William is mad at with that place obviously none other than Freddy's and from there a lot of pieces start to fit together Williams frustration with Michael escaping explains why we see him have surveillance cameras all over his house and sister location it's not an experiment or anything he is literally keeping tabs on the boy who keeps running away it also explains why we see Michael the crying child locked in his room throughout for William himself says at the end of midnight motorists that Michael will be sorry when he gets back and he is as William constantly locks him in his room making him unable to escape anymore all of this might even explain the rationale for the nightmare animatronics William built them or else used his mind altering sound discs that first appeared in the book that we talked about in previous theory to scare Michael so that he would stop wanting to go to the restaurant in the first place that's why he's so scared of the place when we see him in staff or I I'm literally in the recording closet right now recording this and suddenly suddenly things started to fit together in a weird way I'm just gonna throw this in here right as it happened in my mind I'll need to look into this later probably a future theory but let's just bring it up now orange guy is William right but he's turned away at the front door of juniors which is completely random and everyone's like why is this in the mini-game well could it be because of the investigation into the missing children's incident remember what phone guy said from fadap to Afton is rejected at the front door of the building because of the lockdown and because he's a previous employee it makes the timeline a bit messy and I'll have to go back and rework it but something about this feels right William Afton was fired from his job goes back to juniors but the building is under investigation because of the missing children's incident William being a former employee is turned away at the door he's not allowed in it's not a bar it's nothing like that it's freddy fazbears jr. or something the second location the fern afto location anyway I just wanted to throw that in there because it just occurred to me as I was writing this thing I haven't had time to fully flesh it out or work it into the script but I thought it was important enough to include break the flow of things regardless it gives us something else to chew on now back to the actual episode as I wrote it okay I continue to avoid obvious question here Michael's death and apparent rebirth if I'm being honest it's because I don't really have a fully fleshed-out explanation for it it's less of a theory and more of a hypothesis really so would you be so kind as to freddy fazbear with me as I go through what I think might be happening here we know that Michael Afton is special right I mean we see him get scooped become a pile of rotten flesh and yet he is still able to survive in short when we see him in sister location he's not altogether human now hold on to that idea for a second for me while we're on the topic of sister location let's look at the immortal and the Restless the super random soap opera from the game with a name that now that I say it aloud in context actually starts to make a little bit more sense it stars Vlad an immortal vampire who's dressed in purple who starts every episode saying the baby isn't mine and in staff we have William Afton a man who's apparently immortal enough to survive a spring lock failure who like a vampire sucks the remnant out of children and who knows maybe survives on it and is represented by the color purple it's actually a lot of similarities so could the repeated lines of not my baby the baby isn't mine the baby isn't mine actually relate to William's relationship with Michael what if Michael isn't actually William's son it seems like it would be a logical leap but we know for a fact that Michael's real name isn't Michael remember what the log book said do you remember your name well of course he does logbook you wrote it on the front cover Mike unless of course that's not his real name so you got all those details good because here's where all this random observation comes together even the novel's one of the big overarching storylines is that the main character Charlotte had a twin who was kidnapped by spring-trap when she was younger at the end of the second book it's revealed that the twin wasn't actually kidnapped it was her which seems to imply that Charlotte and her twin were one and the same or were somehow interchangeable then in the final pages Charlotte dies from a spring lock failure only to oculus Li come back to life unscathed in the next few days as if nothing had ever happened there are also a lot of clues sprinkled throughout the book that William Afton has the ability to create hyper realistic humanoid robots I even mentioned that briefly during a past snaf theory I haven't even gotten to how I think the main character of the book series is probably a robot but again those are all theories for other days long story short everything seems to point to Charlotte in the books being an AI maybe at one point she was a person but she died or was kidnapped at an early age and ever since her personality has been programmed into a computer where she's now able to be replicated over and over again into a super advanced robot that somehow now able to grow and develop I didn't write the books okay now obviously the two are vastly different cannons but the games and books do relate in a lot of ways and we know in the games from Williams daughter Elizabeth that full-on personalities of individuals can get programmed into AI Elizabeth goes on to possess the spirit of baby so what if what if Michael is just one of those jerk he was killed in the bite of 83 but when William promised to put him back together he meant literally put him back together find a way to piece him back together using some combination of robotics expertise and miracle soul juice remnants that's how Michael dies in Finn f4 but somehow comes back to life in later games it's how he's able to get scooped get a bunch of robot spaghetti shoved into him and then still survive when the robot spaghetti gets puked out of him it's why he would no longer be able to remember his original name and after he realizes the truth about what he actually is that he's no longer human he decides to end it all in the inferno of naff 6 after having done his best to set the souls of his former friends free whoo boy that is a lot and between all these reveals and last week's code there is a ton for us theorists to start chewing on but now you get an idea of why I've been beating myself up for months trying to put this whole thing together it appends mostly f thing that we thought we knew about the franchise sure it answers some of our questions like midnight motorists and a bit more about snap four but it opens the door to a lot of new avenues to explore anyway the final book in the finality the fourth closet is coming out soon I know a bunch of it leaked online already but I'm trying to stay blind to it so as not to spoil anything in my theories and even more exciting Scott is releasing ultimate custom night soon so between those two I am certain that there'll be more clues on the way helping us to come to a final conclusion to all of this so until then remember it's all just a theory a game theory with some game hypothesis thrown in there for good measure thanks for watching by the way if you like the financier ease and you haven't checked out our theories on pets cop well then what are you waiting for check it out Netscape is a lot like the new phone app except even more obscure and even more creepy but you can't play the game unfortunately so anyway that theories to the left and if you have any hopes of ever achieving a final answer as to the lore of this franchise you know what you're gonna have to do and that is jump scare that subscribe button you've got five seconds to do it before the video ends five four
Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)