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It’s Just Water Weight | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network Description:

Fight your way to fitness with a firefighter’s most important weapon—water. Grab a couple gallons and get shredded with these easy, at-home workouts today, courtesy of Kevin Hart and trainer Ron Boss Everline. Kevin Hart: What The Fit is a brand new unscripted comedy starring Kevin Hart and celebrity guests. In each episode, Kevin invites his friends to join him in taking on a different whacky workout from sumo wrestling with Conan O'Brien to goat yoga with Khloé Kardashian and cowboy rodeo-ing with Leslie Jones. New episode every Thursday and bonus footage every Monday! FOLLOW THE FUNNY: Facebook▶ Twitter▶ Instagram▶ YouTube▶ Snapchat▶ LOLNetwork Official Website▶ Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network YouTube channel is a specially-curated global platform for the NOW generation of comedians and original comedic content. It’s the ultimate destination for fans of funny. Subscribe for exclusive behind the scenes, live commentary by Kevin Hart, pranks, skits, and everything fun. Laugh Out Loud Network is a joint venture brainchild of Kevin Hart and Lionsgate. © MMXVII LIONS GATE TELEVISION, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. LAFD™, Los Angeles Fire Department™ and other logos and insignias are trademarks of the City of Los Angeles. Executive Producers MATT KUNITZ PIP WELLS REBECCA SHUMSKY QUINN DAVID SHUMSKY MARK HARRIS JEFF CLANAGAN KEVIN HART Co-Executive Producers MATT KAYE D. MAX PORIS Hosted By KEVIN HART RON BOSS EVERLINE Directed By ALEX VAN WAGNER Supervising Producer KAREEN GUNNING Line Producer RACHEL KIELBORN Producers NICK ALARCON KRISTINA GOROLEVICH MIKELL IVEY CANDICE C. WILSON Editor PAUL LE Story Producer LAUREN KATZ Comedy Producer HARRY RATCHFORD Associate Producers JADA BATES SCOTT MARTIN JASMINE STEPHEN Associate Director JASON EDWARDS Stage Manager WOLFGANG DELGADO Director of Photography TIM MURPHY Audio Supervisor CURTIS ROHM Production Designer RYAN FAUGHT Talent Casting By JB TALENT Production Manager MCKENZIE HANSON Post Production Supervisor LINDSAY HEMPEL Camera Operators RUBEN AVENDANO IVAN DURAN RICHARD “RICKY” MARTINEZ MALCOLM SERRETTE MARQUES SMITH Lead Camera Assistant JEREMIAH THORNE Camera Assistants DEANDRE GREEN DAVE HAWES TERRANCE LOFTON JR. Tech Supervisor ED DANIELIAN Tech Department MIKE DELLAMONICA WALLACE DIXON DAN FERRIS Still Photographer MIKE WEAVER Media Manager ANDREW CURTIS Audio Mixers ANGELO CAVUOTO ROBERT MATTHEWS FRANK MONTES NATE NADELL Gaffer AJ TAYLOR Best Boy DANNY VINCENT Key Grip ROLAND MARTINEZ Electricians NATE BECK ERIK GONZALES MONTE TAYLOR Grip MARK VENEZIA Lead Man KEVIN MINCIN Set Dressers RILEY CRAPPER MARSHALL KING Production Manager STEVEN PONCE Production Accountant SHARON PACK Production Associate MICHAEL A. ROWE Talent Producer ASHLEY RHORER Talent Manager DOMINICK MERONE Talent Associate MARLENA HALLER Wardrobe ASHLEY NORTH DARI SETTEL Makeup FRANCES FERRIS NAIMA JAMAL Hair DONTAY SAVOY Location Manager CARLYN COUCH Key Assistant Location Manager CLAY DODDER Assistant Location Manager SHERRY ROLDAN Drivers JONATHAN ANDERSON CHRIS CLARK Set Medic JOHN AUSTIN Craft Services ANTONIO MARCOS Lead Assistant Editor CHRIS HICKS Assistant Editor ALEX GILBERT Music Supervisor RICK KRIMBEL Colorist TAL, C.S.I. Online Editor JOSIAH COHEN Re-Recording Mixer TERRANCE DWYER, C.A.S. Music By KILLER TRACKS SIGNATURE TRACKS Graphics By MIDNIGHT SHERPA Production Assistants AARON BELL CAP CREDLE JEFF DODSON EKKO GAHA STEPHEN GARONE JOHNNY GOMEZ DAVE KERN EVAN NELSON STEPHANIE SINGER SCOTT WHITEMAN Production Legal RAYMOND LEGAL, P.C. Special Thanks BLUEPRINT POST PRODUCTION BRUCE’S CATERING C-MOUNT INDSUTRIES CITY OF LOS ANGELES ILLUMINAR KMART LAFD MIXERS POST SOUND SERVICES THE BOSCHETTI GROUP VER EQUIPMENT RENTALS


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It’s Just Water Weight | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network Caption

( music playing ) Now it's time for some tips for the people watching, give you some things to do at home, on your free time, not led by myself but by my guy, Ron "The Boss" Everline. Hey, we're going to go through a few moves. We're going to do something a little untraditional. You could do it at home. We don't want to complicate this today, right? - We want to make it simple. - No, I don't. I don't. - You had a good workout? - I want to make it simple. I've been in a hot firefighter outfit all day. One of the things I want to say with this workout, the most important part is that you're going to move. So we're going to use these water bottles, Kev. Here you go, take these two water bottles, - They add resistance. - They add what? - Resistance. - To? - What we're about to do. - Okay. All right. Basically, if you're at home in your living room, you're watching TV, we're just going to do some lunges with some lateral raises, right? - Oh. - Right there. - Hey. - Just some lunges with some lateral raises with the water, brother. Give me 12. Let me see how you look doing 12. We're going, you know-- It's not about the muscles that you working. It's about the calories in, calorie out. - Oh calves! That's the fire hose. - Good, there you go. My legs hurt from the fire hose. What you do with the fire hose? Just focus on my 12, good. Well, obviously you weren't paying attention. - I saved a baby today. - Keep it in control. - I put out a fire. - You saved a baby doll. How is the resistance of the water? The resistance is fine, but I'm trying to let you know - what I did today. - I'm not really interested. - I want you to be more focused on... - I also... - ...what I'm talking about right now. - Got it. Got it. I pooted while putting out a fire today, and added more flame to the fire, believe it or not. It was gas. Go ahead? Yeah. Go ahead. What's next? Go ahead. So-- and then the most important part is making sure you're drinking water. It's good for your hydration. How much water do you drink a day? I drink 32 bottles of water a day. Tell the truth. - 26. - Water's important. Just make sure you're drinking water. So you're going to squat. - You're going to press. - Yeah. Squat, press, with the water. Again, it's just added resistance. You could do this at home. I don't care what fitness level you at, you can do it at home. You can do about 50 reps, it doesn't matter. ( vocalizes loudly ) One. ( vocalizes loudly ) Two. Scooby-doobie-doop boo-boom. If you're going to play around doing these little things, - don't do it. - I'm not. I'm just... - Hey... - I'm talking myself through it. - Don't do it. - I was just doing an example of what you did. I'm thirsty. Yeah, you need to drink more water. Okay. Go ahead. I'm sorry. What's next? What's next, boss? All right, so basically, the next thing we're going to do, we're going to dribble the water bottle between our legs, right? You're gonna take the water bottle, and you're just gonna, just dribble it between your legs right here. Good core challenge. Can you do this? - Yes, sir. - Can you? You sure? I've never seen you do it before. For the record, that is not dribbling. - What is that? - Passing the water bottle - in between your legs. - That's dribbling. That is dribbling. What does-- what does-- what does Chris Paul do when he do this, - is that dribbling? - Yes, that's dribbling. Because you're bouncing a ball. You weren't bouncing anything. I was bouncing this from hand to hand. - You passed it. - I'm going to drink some water - and you're gonna do the exercise. - Okay. I am going to pass the water bottle from hand to hand. Hey, whatever you call it at home, just do these for 50 reps, five times. How many-- what-- add that up. How many-- how much is that, do you know? - Hey, well... - It's 250. - I'm going to use my tennis... - Let's go. Keep moving. I'm going to use my tennis racket, I'mma bat it back and forth to myself. I'm playing tennis. Hmm? - That doesn't even make sense. - That's my point. What you said didn't make sense, so I just followed your lead. Yes, it did make sense. I told the people at home to do 250 of these. That makes sense to me, Okay. Good. So you like that. I know you. What's next, man? So now we're going to use the fire hose. We're going to go through some battle ropes. You find your local water hose outside your house. - You can do this. - Yeah, there you go. Or, if you go to your local gym... so you can do - this for time, great for cardio. - There you go. I don't want to break the water hose, Come on, Kev. Don't break the hose... 'cause there's lives at stake. Mm-hmm. Why you always make everything out to be a joke? That's not a joke. This is what they use to save lives. Don't break the life protector. - Excuse me, I gotta back up. - I'm not in your way. I know the perfect position to be in. Heeyah! That's one. - Count them out, boss. - You're not counting. It's for time. Oh, okay. Count the time. - No. - Ready? 15 seconds. 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10... - 25. - ...nine. 25. What's next? - That's it. - Yeah. I don't know about you guys, but I feel jacked up. So looking at me, you can obviously see-- ( speaker feedback ) Structure fire, emergency. Engine 41, respond to 1673... - So you know what that is? - Shh! ...East 43rd Street. Channel 8, metro clear. Okay, guys, I would love to stay here and participate in the rest of this workout, but now that I'm a firefighter, I got stuff to do. Boss, close out, tell the people-- tell the people what they could do and how they can do it. - You can do all this at home. - I got to save lives. You can do different type of variations at home on "What The Fit." You just had a good episode with Kevin Hart and Ron "Boss" Everline. Hey, I challenge you to do these moves at home, - Have a great day. We gotta go. - Where's my jacket?! I'm not saving no lives, but Kev has to go. This is Kevin Hart. If you thought that was funny, click the videos to watch more. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud. Do it. Just click the logo.
It’s Just Water Weight | Kevin Hart: What The Fit | Laugh Out Loud Network