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okay [Music] so today we got a challenge for you are gonna play you part of a song yes go song title and artist correctly gets a point first with the most points at the end of the challenge wins I smelled a dub I'm gonna add in this one every time I do a guessing one I get destroyed I'm so bad with music for me it just depends so much like I feel like I'm rather really good or just okay okay we actually got a tie last time I played against each other so yeah but not this time here's the first second of your first song oh wait wait wait uh-huh wait come on I know this it's the Bob Bob no way I can black and yellow Chris Brown look at me now by Chris Brown Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes look at me now yeah look at me now by Chris Brown I just listed this on my car yesterday oh yeah cuz you were beat already knew what that part was um more time I think we need more Ted look at me now Chris Brown I used to try to memorize the lyrics I definitely knew the tune but I I wouldn't have gotten that name I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club you can't even get in leg up that's the mom is that what it's called it's not like if we didn't get it by now I'll get it last chance use 15 seconds leggo yellow model cheese yellow I'm a title not my name yellow bye little pump I don't know I have no idea I'm sorry I'm just gonna pass not gonna marry I'm Nadia this is look at me now by Chris Brown featuring Busta Rhymes I'm still gonna win here's the next song my arm twitch to press the button like I was so instinct you a little bit I don't know that one I don't know I think I know the artist but I'm just gonna Alice in the country since you've been gone Kelly Clarkson dang it okay oh yeah I don't know that was ever mine I thought it was hose with but it's not definitely not since you've been gone Kelly Clarkson oh my god backup singers of course [Applause] [Music] picture me with you gwen stefani what I don't know okay this is definitely this is something they played idea for dance I feel like the caveman spongebob mean just like since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson okay okay all right I'll bring it did you get one here's the first second of your next song I don't even like the first song was the one song that I could have gotten a knife I know the artists but I'm not saying oh that's that's my god oh my god okay you know remember we're gonna keep one more please I think I know the artist but I definitely don't know the song so I'm still trying to free the artists out here's waste I'm so familiar wait oh I recognize it and it's on the tip of my tongue you remind me a sure [Music] ooh a girl I once knew by Neil is it a jacuzzi girl I used to know uh sure maybe it's by its it's by usher reminder I think we should get full fifty this or nothing here's 15 [Music] a reminder by Usher when I look at you by Usher no okay for you girl that lyrics sticking out to me I got nothing you remind me of a girl uh sure you remind me of sure you remind me pusher uh sure view it was uh sure I think we deserve like half points honestly let's move on to the next song oh that was way too big yeah that's like every song no way this is on the radio all the time I'm poor time what time yeah I feel like I need like a little bit more and I might get it yes I'm waiting for a voice here [Music] dude that voice I don't know this song at all I know that artists [Music] it's Halsey something Michigan take me home by Halsey bad and loved by Halsey yeah never even heard that she has a very distinctive voice let's just go ahead and do 15 seconds timeless focus yeah any taste like Jack Witten kissing them yeah whatever it's a nice thought though I believe Halsey i forfeit I have no clue out of love by Halsey so this was haul Z's bad at love dang it oh my god I not get Halsey dude I mean even know who that is to be honest here's the first second of the last song huh nope it's over this I don't know I need I need a little more yelling longer I know the voice but I don't know this song wait I think I know the artist but I definitely don't know the title about that big yellow kind of sounds familiar still don't know it's not imagine dragons it's not Mumford & Sons it's not Vance joy Jackson if anything you're gonna get this one I don't think so I've never heard the song before [Applause] [Music] I don't have a guess I can't pick out any words to guess the the title I always let you down by imagine dragons [Applause] [Music] imagine dragons let you down always let you down imagine dragons its imagine dragons l15 yes alright skipping the 15 seconds [Applause] let me get down I'm just I'm just because I've heard it so many times now I'm dead to me imagine dragons imagine dragons dead to me by imagine dragons they said dead to me thanks to me why hit me by imagine dragons no I feel pretty good that I was also pretty bad that I didn't know a lot of popular music imagine dragons next to me yes one point next to me by imagine dragons I didn't take a big L but I still think about this was next to me but you know I got close I'm so excited you got imagined yeah I know do you thank you very much nailed it and I'm proud that you won good game thanks for watching us gets a song on the react channel don't miss out so it's go ahead how did you do on the challenge let us know in the comments hey guys what's up guys Alisa here a producer from the react channel if you like playing gets that song as much as I do hit that Bell and subscribe to be notified when the next episode releases see you next time [Music]